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General1. What is ChainTherapy?
ChainTherapy is a social collaboration platform that aims to harness the power of online community to raise funds for credible patients. Learn more about ChainTherapy under http://www.chaintherapy.com/about
2. With ChainTherapy what can I do?
• You can create a fund raising page for any individual who is struggling to meet the expense of medical treatment that is often life threatening
• You can donate towards the medical treatment of a patient of your choice
• You can volunteer to establish credibility of the patient in need
• You can spread awareness about the fundraising efforts of individuals of your choice
3. How does it work?
An individual inputs profile of the patient who is in need. Then different persons in the network contributes to gauging the credibility of it by collating and sharing as much relevant information as possible so that any person can draw their own conclusion on the genuineness of the cause
4. How do I become a part of ChainTherapy?
By registering /creating an account. It takes less than a minute and immediately allows you to contribute, e.g. by starting or joining fundraising efforts, commenting or by inviting your friends to join you or by volunteering to help a fund raiser
5. Why didn't I get a confirmation mail upon signing up?
If you did not get a confirmation mail in the inbox there is a good chance that this mail has been recognized as a spam and has been placed in your junk/spam mail folder. To avoid this please add the email address noreply@chaintherapy.com to your address book. If there is really no such confirmation mail in your Inbox/spam mail folder please drop us a line at support@chiantherapy.com and we will contact you
6. How does ChainTherapy make money?
ChainTherapy does not make any money. It is an effort of a few individuals coming together to make it possible to use the web for social collaboration.
There are no fees involved. If you are excited about the concept and want to contribute to its viability, we will be happy to hear from you at support@chiantherapy.com
7. How can I help?

Spread the word: Add ChainTherapy message (given below) to your signature line and spread the word among your friends, family and colleagues
   - Form a chain. Adopt a patient. Heal a life. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Unite hands. Divide time. Donate lives. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Join hands to lend a helping hand. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Saving a life was never so easy. www.chaintherapy.org
   - The power of many. To save lives many www.chaintherapy.org
   - The healers network that works. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Come together. Heal together. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Link up. Lend some hope. www.chaintherapy.org
   - Where many save one life at a time. www.chaintherapy.org
Volunteer with us: ChainTherapy is always on the lookout for committed and capable volunteers. While some functionality require specific skill sets, in many other cases a willingness to assume responsibility while learning simple new systems is what we need
Join in: Register with ChainTherapy and provide as much support as you can to the patients listed there.

8. How can I contact ChainTherapy for further questions?
Just write a message to support@chaintherapy.org. We will answer your questions as soon as possible
9. How has the authentication score been developed?
Authentication score is system generated. Formula used is ((validations completed + documents uploaded) / (Total validations and documents required by ChainTherapy))*5. 5 is because it is a 5 star rating. This is a prima facie indication of genuineness of the appeal
10. Are you an organization interested in supporting ChainTherapy?
Just as inidividuals can contribute, corporate can contribute too. However big or small, we can device a way in which you can be part of ChainTherapy. Do contact us at shanthi@chaintherapy.org
Fundraisers1. How can I raise funds for an individual patient?
First you need to register by creating an account. This takes less than a minute. Once you've completed the process you will be asked what you'd like to do next. Click on "Appeal for fund" and you will be guided through the setup process.
2. Why is there a time limit for an appeal?
ChainTherapy provides a means for raising funds for medical treatment of patients in need. This means that it cannot be a perpetual fundraising appeal and should instead focus on the time limit within which the funds are required.
3. What is the need to provide verifiable documents?
We believe that everyone would help a credible cause and that credibility often goes hand-in-hand with transparency. This could be achieved by making information (about the patient-in-need) easily available in a manner that could be easily verifiable by any person should they choose to do so. Therefore we recommend that you provide as much credible information as possible. If you are unable to do so, do seek support from others to procure the same by flagging opportunities for volunteering
Contributors1. How can I support a patient?
There are many ways to support a patient! You can talk about it, send an email to your friends, tell them about the fund raising effort in ChainTherapy, and of course you can donate money towards the medical treatment.
This is done by going to the Fund a patient section and selecting a patient of your choice and clicking on the "Donate" button. Thereafter you can type in the amount of money you wish to give. A mail will be sent to the fundraiser on your intent to support. Very soon you could expect the fundraiser to get in touch with you to work out the modalities of donation
Many patients can also be supported by offering your services as a volunteer. You could either choose it from the volunteering opportunities identified by the person who has uploaded the patient appeal or you could write directly to the person and briefly explain what services you would like to offer. The responsible person will then be in direct contact with you
2. Why should I contribute?
We believe that everyone wants to help a person who is genuinely in need to the extent they can. And a small help extended by different individuals could help save lives of many needy patients. While there are NGOs working towards providing a helping hand to individuals who has financial needs because of a serious medical situation, we thought as individuals we can and should do our bit as well. Simply because we believe in the power that reside in all of us to make a difference and impact lives
ChainTherapy hopes to connect patient in need with individuals who want to help by enabling individuals to create a fundraising page for individual patients, collaborate with others to establish credibility of the funding requirement, and raise funds.
3. How do I donate?
ChainTherapy is a platform that connects patient in need with people who want to help. Mode of donation will depend on individual fund raisers and donors.
4. Is my donation tax-deductible?
It is often found that persons with meager income having no backing of formal organizations/institutions find great difficulty in funding treatment for serious medical ailments. ChainTherapy is a platform to help these individuals with no backing. Since tax deduction could only be provided by a registered organization more often than not donations made to patients listed in this platform will not provide any tax benefits. However, if the fundraising effort is managed by an NGO and they can provide any tax benefits it would be clearly indicated in the patient detail page.
5. Does ChainTherapy verify all the appeals posted on the site?
For the platform to be used extensively, it is not feasible to investigate each and every appeal. Therefore ChainTherapy cannot claim responsibility for the accuracy of each appeal posted on the site.
We strongly believe that our users are some of the best security out there. Because ChainTherapy is a community of people looking to help each other, we expect that our users will be watchful of appeal that does not seem genuine. Please keep an eye out for suspicious posts and flag any appeal you think are questionable. ChainTherapy will investigate flagged appeals to make sure that genuine ones do not get lost in the clutter
6. What happens if an appeal turns out to be fraudulent?
ChainTherapy is an open platform that will let the users decide and gauge on the credibility of an appeal. ChainTherapy does not vouch for the veracity of the appeals put up on the site. However if you suspect an appeal, please do intimate us by dropping a mail at support@chaintherapy.com. ChainTherapy will further investigate the appeal and the organizer. If it proves to be fraudulent, we will remove the appeal from ChainTherapy.com and will send an email notifying all donors that the appeal has been removed.