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About Us

Persons with meagre income having no backing of formal organizations/institutions often find great difficulty in funding treatment for serious medical ailments. ChainTherapy was initiated to support such persons by using the power of online community.

At ChainTherapy we believe that everybody wants to help someone who is genuinely in need to the extent they can. The crux of the problem is thus the credibility of the cause. Credibility often goes hand-in-hand with transparency. We believe, this could be achieved by making information (about the patient-in-need) available in a manner that could be easily verifiable by anyone should they choose to do so.

Yes. Putting together relevant information is definitely a time consuming activity should it be the responsibility of an individual. However, if this were taken up by different members of the online community, we believe it would be so much easier. That is why ChainTherapy has been developed

It is a facilitating platform that has been designed to help you collaborate with many like-minded individuals in raising funds for credible patients

Many persons have come together in making ChainTherapy happen. It is amazing how everyone came forward to provide their services free of cost. Individuals/organizations that have not just resposed faith in the cause but have actively supported it are

  1. Albertdali India's first end-to-end naming consultancy worked their magic and gave us the perfect name that we were searching for “ChainTherapy”
  2. Gopi Prasanna– Ace designer working in 1pointsize (a creative agency based out of Chennai, India) that has won many awards, designed the logo and the layout
  3. Team of IRS Soft (Carlo Frangipani, Rajendra Prasad Ravuri, T.Muthuraj, A.R.Prasath, N.Rajasekar) – An IT organization from Chennai has developed and donated the portal that would help many many individuals who are struggling to bear the financial burden of medical treatments
  4. Vasudevan, Krishnaswamy and Abdul Quddhose Advocates – A leading law firm in India is providing us with legal inputs